Port Phillip Bay Snapper Fishing Rigging Melbourne Reds Beginners guide

 Port Phillip Bay Snapper Fishing How To Melbourne Reds Rigging

Port Phillip Bay Snapper Tie fishing rig with snell hooks perfectly for Port Phillip Bay (PPB).  On this page, I show you guys how I tie a Snapper Rig easy and I guarantee it will fish excellent in Melbourne.  I have created a new video below for this Season.   Knowing which rig is best & when to fish it can be somewhat tricky.  Over the years fishing Port Phillip Bay its generally considered you use Snell twin hooks to rig a full Pilchard bait.  The other rig we fish is Ultra Rig By Reedy’s Rigs.  Which are Available Here.  But today we will focus on a Snell twin hook to make a Running Rig.  The type of fishing hook you choose to fish is entirely up to you.  I would recommend some following brand’s My Favourite is Reedy’s 187 Available Here  Owner Cutting Point SSW hook are super sharp and would be a great choice.  Then followed by Mustard Big Red.  If you want to buy this rig prettied, then I suggest Reedy Twin Hook Snell Available Here. which are the Snapper Rigs I fish within Port Phillip Bay?

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In general, I would suggest fishing your maximum of 4 rods in Victoria.  On each rod, I recommend having 3 rigged with Twin Hooks and the other with Reedy’s Rigs Ultra Rigs.  This is my main set up when I’m fishing out wide on the mud and sand.  When I’m fishing in shallow water on a Reef, I may mix my rigs up with 2 of each rig type per rod.   For bait, I prefer to use Sandy’s Silver Whiting and Gotcha Supa Pilchard.  If you have fresh bait, by all means, use it, I find a Salmon head or fresh Garfish works extremely well.  Try not to worry too much about your bait in Snapper Season as I have found Snapper isn’t fussy, especially during the spawning and migration period.

New TYPE Snapper Rig Ultra Rig Available Here 

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How To Find Snapper In PPB & Where They Go During The Season

Once you have your tackle and bait ready the next thing to master is timing.  I find the first run of Snapper in Port Phillip Bay is just before early September or late August around the Full Moon.  Reds use the big tides around the Moon to migrate into the Bay and over the next two moon’s leading up to November. This will continue every month through late August to early November.  School by School they move in and around PPB, eventually peaking early November or late October depending on the Moon.  Then the spawning process starts. This is when you begin to find “Christmas Tree’s” on your Sounder, which will continue to around Christmas,  the majority of the fish will leave the bay.  Some Reds will stay and exit closer to Easter when the water temperature starts to cool down.  So basically it’s the same every year that the Reds will be scatted around the bay until the start of November before they start to school up for the spawning process.  I find up and around Mordialloc to Carrum are the great place’s to fish in November, then towards Frankston/Mornington in early December.
Around early Season they can generally turn up anywhere, but I prefer to fish up North towards Melbourne and Altona.

Tie A Snapper Rig Perfect For Port Phillip Bay  Rigging Tying

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