How to Tie A Fishing Rig Perfect For Port Phillip Bay Video

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Snapper rig Port Phillip Bay tie A Perfect  Fishing Melbourne Reds Rigs Tackle  Video .

Snapper rig Tying for port Phillip bay .Learn How to Tie a snapper Rig. On this Page Below i Have Created A video Below. How to Tie The Perfect Rig For Port Phillip bay Snapper.   Knowing which rig is best to fishing in Melbourne’s port Phillip bay can be some what tricky . Over the years fishing Port Phillip bay its generally considered snell two hooks ,to rig a full pilchard Bait is a good way to go.  The other rig We fish is a Paternoster fishing rig  / Reedy’s Flasher Rigs . But today we will focus on a Snell Two hooks To Make a running  Rig . Type of fishing hook’s you choose to fish is entirely up to you. I would recommend Some of the following brand’s Owner Hooks thin Gauge and are super sharp and would be a great choice.  Then followed by big Red Mustard , if you want to Buy this  rigs Pre-Tied then i would suggest Reedy’s Snell Rigs which are the Snapper rigs i use in Port Phillip bay.

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Snelled  Hooks Rig Awesome Fishing Port Phillip Bay Snapper Rig How to Tie.

Snelling Hooks is Easy.  The rig Provides great bait presention. its a must when fishing for port Phillip bay snapper.  Many charter operators fish this rig . The rig can also be customized Leader and hook size. i really like 50lb  strength. but you can fish as lite as 40lb .

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Port Phillip Bay Is a Great Place to target snapper. If your fishing the bay there is a few tips to get you start fishing . After rigging this snapper rig . Get some Burly to Lure in the snapper. snapper rig port Phillip bay

Made a Video make Fishing Burley Learn More Here .

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Best Port Phillip Bay Snapper Rig How to Fish This Rig.

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Tie A Paternoster Fishing  Rig Click Here.

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Gps Marks Port Phillip Bay.

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Perth Snapper Fishing Winter Reds W.A.

i Have Also made a video on How to Bait your Fishing Hooks In Port Phillip Bay for Best Bait Presention .  Please subscribe If you like our video’s  as it helps us out and Questions i will answer in the comment Box Below . snapper rig port Phillip bay.

Tie Running Rigs

Tie Running Rig

Tie Paternoster Rig

Tie Advance Running Rig

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