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ULTRA RIGS Pre-Tied with Lumo Hooks Reedy’s Rigz Snapper Rig Best Pre Tied Snapper Rigs – The Difference Between a Flasher rig and a Ultra Rig . The Materiel is different on a Flasher Rig then Ultra Rig. On the ultra-rig it Use new fibre that reflex’s light the same way a uv Squid jig […]

Port Phillip Bay Snapper Fishing Rigging Melbourne Reds Beginners guide

 Port Phillip Bay Snapper Fishing How To Melbourne Reds Rigging Port Phillip Bay Snapper Tie fishing rig with snell hooks perfectly for Port Phillip Bay (PPB).  On this page, I show you guys how I tie a Snapper Rig easy and I guarantee it will fish excellent in Melbourne.  I have created a new video […]

Tie Paternoster Fishing Rig Easy – Diagram Tutorial video

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Tie Paternoster Rig Tie Fishing Rigs Dropper Loops Circle Hooks Tutorial video Tie paternoster rig of a simple fishing rig. A Paternoster rig or dropper rig is used in many fishing applications. Offshore bottom bouncing and Bay fishing. To tie this rig simply follow along with the Tutorial video. View the diagram below in high resolution […]

Snapper Snatchers Fishing Paternoster Rigs With Circle Hooks

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Fishing Snapper Snatchers Pre Tied Rig By Reedy’s Rigz Stock for This Season Snapper Snatchers by REEDYS RIGZ have been getting their fair share of attention by fisho’s. Lets  explain what they are all about. Snapper Snatchers are pre-tied fishing rigs. But its a Special Rig They come in a range of sizes and colors, […]