Snapper Fishing Images From Around Australia

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Snapper Australian Big Red Fishing Images

Snapper are Australia most prized fishing.  Fishing galley Of are favorite Reds we have Caught .

Fishing Snapper Big Australian Reds

fishing  in parts Around  Australia. catching Quality Fishing From Melbourne Port Phillip bay to Perth in Western Australia .  Most of the Biggest reds are caught in South Australia From st Vincent gulf or across to Spencer  gulf . Fish Are also found offshore from Sydney but are commonly smaller fishing called squire or Pinkies in the southern States. Reds come into Bays and Inshore Reef’s to spawn around spring time in Victoria & south Australia , Hobart . Winter time is great fishing in the north part of the country when the water cools to around 18 degree’s snapper will be found in offshore Queensland waters.

In this galley we Have try to upload High quality images so the page might load Slow. if you have any images you would like to send in Please send them to the images need to be cropped at least 600px 600px.

Click on a Image to Enlarge the fish.  Fishing Gear used Shimano Senna 4000 Spinning Reel Combo with Sonic Pro 6-8kg Rod. On the Spool 20lb Line Mono Not Braid in Non moving current but in Fast moving water we prefer Braid . Our Are Favorite Bait is Pilchard from a Serves station But if we can get fresh Fish Australian salmon is our Choice. Paternoster Rig Tied on 60lb Leader by Reedy’s Rigz The Pinkblitz Model (flasher rig). Our Boat is a Flight craft With a 90hp mercury.

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