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Tie Running Fishing Rig Snapper Gummy Shark For Fast Moving Current

Tie Running Rig Fishing  How To Tutorial. We have Put together a Simple Video Below For Fishermen to Learn How to tie a Sliding / Running Rig used in Fast Moving Water . This Rig Can Be used to Target Many Types Of fish Though out the World  While Fishing With Bait . The Running RIg Can Be modified to Catch Big Fish Like Snapper Gummy Shark’s Or Mulloway. Using Hook Size From 5/0 through to 7/0 , Using Leader from 40lb though to 80lb The chocie is your’s . If your fishing Fast current’s for fish Such as Whiting Bream Bass Mullet  Pinky’s Trevally , You Simply tie this  Running Rig On 12 to 30lb Leader To a Hook Size that Suit’s Your Fish type Your Targeting . When the Current Slow’s Down We Then Fish A Paternoster Rig , Flasher Rig’s By Reedy’s Rigs .   The Knots we tied In this Clip were Uni Knots .

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Tackle To Use Tying  Rigging tie running rig Sliding.

tie a Running Rig For Snapper Gummy Shark Snapper Mulloway . For These  Big Fish in Big Current We Like to Use 80lb Leader . & a 6/0 Hook Swivel Rated to 120lb.

Whiting & Small Fish  We Tend to rig Fairly Heavy for whiting Only for the reason We might come across Snapper Or Shark’s And Give’s You a fighting Chance to Land them .  So what we fish may be Different to your Area , But in a General Sense Leader Size 30lb through to 10Lb is Can be a good Choice .  Below is A viedo You can Follow Along rigging Up .

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Tutorial video Tie Running Rig

Make Fishing Burley

Tie A Paternoster Fishing Rig.

Make Awesome Home Made Fishing Burley .

To Target Mulloway with this Rig Try using Suicide Hook’s Size 4/0 we made Another Video here on Rig tying Snell Hooks.


running rig