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Fishing Burley Tutorial Make Home Made Video Guide

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Fishing Burley How to Video Make the Best? Fish Lure Attracting Baits. Fishing Burley A simple guide to help fishermen get the most out of bait fishing . Lure in the fish with Awesome Homemade fishing burley created by yourself. In this Move, I run through some Burley Technics I use when fishing. This Method […]

Tying Fishing Rigs How To Tie Running Rig Tutorial video

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Tie Running Fishing Rig Snapper Gummy Shark For Fast Moving Current Tie Running Rig Fishing  How To Tutorial. We have Put together a Simple Video Below For Fishermen to Learn How to tie a Sliding / Running Rig used in Fast Moving Water . This Rig Can Be used to Target Many Types Of fish […]

Whiting Whats the best fishing rig for in Port Phillip Bay

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Whiting  Rig up for Great whiting fishing   in port Phillip Bay western port Bait Rigs Whiting Which Rig Should I use to catch a nice king george Whiting ? Well there are many different whiting rigs around i like to fish  a mixture of setups from a paternoster dropper rig to a flasher rig […]

Snapper Snatchers Fishing Paternoster Rigs With Circle Hooks

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Fishing Snapper Snatchers Pre Tied Rig By Reedy’s Rigz Stock for This Season Snapper Snatchers by REEDYS RIGZ have been getting their fair share of attention by fisho’s. Lets  explain what they are all about. Snapper Snatchers are pre-tied fishing rigs. But its a Special Rig They come in a range of sizes and colors, […]