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Fishing Rig tying is simple and should be something that is learned by all fisherman. This particular rig can be used by fisherman to target several types of fish throughout the world, whilst bait fishing from any platform like your boat or a pier.


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Sliding Running  Fishing Rig Tying Snapper Mulloway Pre Made Bait Rigs

Running rigs can be modified to catch big fish or small fish including Snapper, Gummy Shark and Mulloway to name a few. Anglers can catch similar fish using this rig.  Hook sizes ranging from as small as #4 (whiting hook) through to 8/0 are available with the use of fluorocarbon leader from as light as 12lb through to 80lb depending on the fisherman’s rigging rig tying; pre made rigs; fishing rigs; snapper rigs; tie snapper rig; mulloway rig; whiting rig; flathead rig; diagram running rig; uni knot While fishing a fast current for fish such as Flathead, Bream, Bass, Mullet or Pinky Squire, the fisherman should simply tie the running rig on 12lb to 30lb leader using the hook size that suit’s the targeted fish’s mouth size, for example: for small fish using lighter leader and smaller hook size as outlined in our video.
When fishing for bigger fish such as Snapper the angler should simply go up in leader thickness and hook size.
When rigging the hooks, fisherman can modify the rig by using Snell twin hooks on the end of the leader or a single circle hook. My preferred rig to use when rig tying is with Snell hooks particularly when targeting Mulloway, and a single circle hook when fishing for Gummy Shark, Whiting or Snapper.
When the current slows down it is recommended the fisherman switches to a Paternoster Rig. For Paternoster, Rigs check out Flasher Rigs, by Reedy’s Rigs.
You will see an example in the diagram of how to tie the uni knot which connects to your main line of the fishing rig. This example is also shown in the second part of video series “fishing rig tying”, titled how to tie a uni knot


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Pre Made vs Tying Fishing Rigs Snapper Mulloway Whiting Flathead.

Pre Made Fishing rigs are great to fish in combination with tying your own. These paternoster Flasher rig can make life simple have been a real hit with mums & dad’s looking to keep it simple. If tying your Own Fishing Rig we Reccomend using Reedy’s 187 Hooks that you can buy here

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Diagram Of Uni Knot Braid Tying Braid To Mono Connect Uni Main Rig to Main Line

Diagram Of Double Uni Knot . So this How we Tie our rig to the main Line. This knot can also connect Braid to Mono

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Make Fishing Burley
Make Awesome Home Made Fishing Burley .

To Target Mulloway with this Rig Try using Suicide Hook’s Size 4/0 we made Another Video here on Rig tying Snell Hooks.

Tie A Paternoster Fishing Rig.

Perth Winter Snapper Gps Marks

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