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Rigging & Trolling Soft Plastic Lures For Game Teasers & Bait Collection Trolling Soft Bait To Catch Live Bait’s Snapper baits  lure selection guide. Below Is a Video On how we troll These rig these Soft Plastic Squid Teaser  to catch bait &  Fish Like school Tuna Etc  See below .
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How to Rig -Rigging Lures Trolling Mini Skirts for Small Pelagic Fish Species.
Skirted lures are an awesome way to catch smaller Pelagic fish. Not only do you get the satisfaction of rigging the lure itself and how it trolls, I believe they are far more effective then trolling other surface lures such as hard bodied lures or metal slugs. For example they will not foul up if trolled through weed and also it’s a lot harder for a fish to throw a single hook then a treble when trolling for Salmon, Tailor, Bonito and other smaller Pelagic fish. This is just my opinion and my approach when trolling surface lures. My favourite brands are still shimano Daiwi, Rapala, Penn and many of the other big name companies, but I tend to stay away from the big priced ” lures” when it isn’t necessary. I have learnt over many years that these more expensive lures are not as good for surface trolling for small Pelagic fish, although I still stick with the big brands for other things like reels, rods, combo’s and lures (when needed for other applications e.g. diving lures , etc).

8cm Skirted plastic squid mulit use lure / Bait holder / Game fishing teaser / Micro jig Part
Plastic squid has mutli purpose use change out those old micro jigs with a new colored pattern squid or can be used as a lure outright great for bait collection of small pelagic fish like Australian salmon & bonito .Game fishing Bait holder or rig up a daisy chain to help you lure up a marlin offshore.

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Rigging the Lure

Learn How to Rig These Game Teaser to Catch Bait

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Learn About Rigging For Snapper