Tie Paternoster Fishing Rig Tying Knot Easy Diagrams & Tutorial Video

tie paternoster Rig

Diagram Paternoster Rig Tie Fishing Rigs Dropper Loops Circle Hooks

Diagram paternoster rig of a simple fishing rig. A Paternoster rig or dropper rig is used in many fishing applications. Offshore bottom bouncing and Bay fishing . To tie this rig simply follow along with the video. View the diagram below in high resolution to tie this rig yourself.

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About the rig. Better to tie with Stronger fishing Line . Rather then normal leader to add strength.

The best hooks  for rig are circle hooks , or suicide.  Its really up to you this rig is very versatile for snapper fishing we would recommend  60lb or 80lb leader . whiting we would recommend 20lb to 30lb fishing line.

Diagram of paternoster rig Bottom Fishing Hook

Diagram paternoster rig –  Rig can be tied with two hooks or just a single hook.  its primary use is for bait fishing .  Target many types of fish like snapper ,bottom dwelling fish ,reef fish , whiting and many more. When Boat fishing Drop the Rig straight down to the Bottom . Do not cast ,The most effective way to fish is vertical . Land based Surf fishing simply cast out . Movement From breaking wave’s will help work your Bait. Fishing a Paternoster rig from the Pier its Recommend to fish vertical when possible. Just like in the boat .
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Paternoster rigs are a great fishing rig to fish for snapper. you can catch a range of fish species on this rig .  When fishing the rig it is important to  bait the rig correctly. failing to do this you will struggle to get a bite . The bait should be hooked so there is as little resistance against the flow of current . The whole idea is to get the bait to sit straight on the hook , if your bait is spinning it will not look natural . it simply wont fish well . i find a squid strip bait’s hooked through are awesome , But a pilchard piece is even better because of its oil content .

Below Picture How to Bait  Circle hooks . Pilchard Chunks are ideal.



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