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Whiting Rigs Let Tie A Simple Paternoster Style Rig In the instructional Tutorial  Video Below   I fish this Combo with my Snapper snatchers Aka Whiting Whispera.

Reedy’s rigs can be used for surf fishing rig. This is one of the most novel uses for Snapper Snatchers in Australian waters. it’s just so easy. Tie the swivel at one end of the Snapper Snatcher to your main line, and attach a star sinker to the other. Boom! You’re ready to fish!

Whiting Rigs 5 Packets of Paternoster Rigs Pink Wacker’s


Whiting Rigs Pre-Tied Paternoster fishing rig This Package includes Sinker Clip & Swivel , A Flasher Bait Attractor That is Hand-tied On a Paternoster Rig . The Wacker is an Awesome Choice For Bottom Fishing Feature Size #4 Circle hook On each dropper Lure up a Bream Sand Or King George , But your not limted to catching whiting. The Lure rig is Effective on A range of fish .


Snapper Lure Slow Pitch Jigs gomoku micro jig Slow Pitch Vertical

Snapper Fishing Rig Magic by snapper fishing tackle .
The reports are starting to coming in with the early season snapper . so we have put together a the “ultimate snapper pack” as the water temp will starts to rise around the bay, the fish will start to come on the bite as spring gets closer.

micro jig

Snapper Snatchers are pre-tied fishing rigs . They are made in Australia and come in a range of sizes and colors, but they all incorporate two chemically-sharpened circle hooks, tied on tough 60lb or 80lb trace material in a paternoster arrangement . The rig has a flasher and lures fish with its attracting material attached to the hooks. Each hook is is tied like a saltwater fly . There is also a luminous bead above each hook. So the Fishes With out Bait But its recommended you use a strip bait to enhance your Chances.