Bait Fishing for Early & Late Season Snapper Port Phillip Bay

Fishing  Early or Late Season Snapper Tips Port Phillip Bay

Every year i like to hunt and catch early season snapper . In early September snapper start to migrate into the bay. slowly  at first, but     as it get’s closer to November they build momentum  filling the bay with reds ready to spawn  . From September to the end of October are my favorite times to fish for snapper But Leading up to Easter is also a great time to get fishing as the water temp Drops the fish come back on the bite . The bays are not so crowded with enthusiastic anglers and it is also more of a challenge to hunt these beautiful beasts. Some hot tips for catching a early season snapper or winter snapper is to use your sounder to find fish .it can be tricky to find the reds as there aren’t as many around as you would find in November.  So Stick at it and keep sounding till you see some good arches anchor your boat and put out your rods . You can check out our new range of snapper gear for bait fishing. we offer a range of fishing rigs and tackle lures and soft fishing baits slow snapper jigs and  micro jigs .


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Fishing Gear Fished To catch  Early Or Late Season Snapper

Below is a short video of me catching some nice snapper  the fishing Gear i used was a shimano bait Sennia on a ugly stick fishing rod which was used to catch the first fish and the second rod was a sonic pro 4-8kg by shimano Sennia . The fishing rigs that were used were Snelled rigs  pre-rigged  by Reedy’s Rigz & Snapper snatchers  flasher rigs which are ready available in our shop .  which can be found here snapper fishing tackle online shopping

Update i Have just updated a new Video there is now two just scrool down to watch.

Good luck fishing and tight lines !! from  Snapper Fishing Tackle (facebook Page ) . Port Phillip Rigging

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