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Pre Made Fishing Rigs Reedy’s Review

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Reedy’s Ultra Rigs are better than flasher rigs because they are made from a luminous/UV material, They are manufactured from high-quality line and hook – and they come pre-tied. Pre Made Flasher Rig First and foremost – it is important to point out that Reedy’s is an Australian owned and operated business. This means that […]

best snapper rig, fishing rig,reef rig, ultra rig, reedys rig, bait rig,

ULTRA RIGS Pre-Tied with Lumo Hooks Reedy’s Rigz Snapper Rig Best Pre Tied Snapper Rigs – The Difference Between a Flasher rig and a Ultra Rig . The Materiel is different on a Flasher Rig then Ultra Rig. On the ultra-rig it Use new fibre that reflex’s light the same way a uv Squid jig […]

Tying Fishing Rigs How To Tie Running Rig Tutorial video

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Tie Running Fishing Rig Snapper Gummy Shark For Fast Moving Current Tie Running Rig Fishing  How To Tutorial. We have Put together a Simple Video Below For Fishermen to Learn How to tie a Sliding / Running Rig used in Fast Moving Water . This Rig Can Be used to Target Many Types Of fish […]

Fishing Rigs Port Phillip Bay Snapper Tackling Melbourne Reds

Snapper Rigs Fishing Port Phillip Bay Best Rig Pre-Tied Snell Twin Hook Melbourne Reds Snapper rigs Port Phillip bay with Pre-Tied Snapper Snatchers Are awesome  when fishing for reds.  it’s worth making sure at least some of your Rods are rigged with a flasher rig .  A piece of bait such as chunk of pilchard […]