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Snapper snatchers rigs Pre made on a paternoster.  The lure fly washes around in the surf and looks like a live wounded pilchard or bait fish. That  presents as nice looking feed for hungry fish . i like to use the rig with a small piece of squid, as it add some sent to the arrangement. Fishing a snapper snatchers will enable you to fish two hooks circle hooks. giving you more chance to catch a fish. The rigs are highly effective because the natural movement under the water lures in fish to bite the flasher.

This particular item will get you fishing with your choice of 1/0 4/0 5/0 6/0 7/0 circle hooks.

Once you have your rig , your not limited to surf fishing they fish awesome from a pretty much every where.

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Pre made fishing Rigs or Are awesome when your fishing for reds, it’s  a good idea to rig at least some of them are rigged with a flasher rig just for some variety. whether you’re fishing from the shore or in a boat, it is best to jazz up your  Rigs with a small piece of bait. A strip of pilchard is ideal, especially in the surf. Bait the hook just as you would for normal circle hooks.

Small fish fillets or pieces of cut up bait fish can also be used with Snapper Rigs (Snapper snatchers). When baiting up, make sure the gape of the hook is not obscured with too much bait and the hook point is well clear of the of your choice of fresh bait. Once you have your The flasher rigged, baited and in the water, sit back and relax The circle hooks, are designed to hook the fish in the corner of the mouth as it takes the bait and moves away. Striking will only pull the hooks, so just dont do it wait till the rod is bent over and a sharp swift lift is enough to hook the fish . If holding the rod while surf fishing, don’t start fighting the fish until you’re sure the fish is well hooked. A great way to fish for snapper with Reedys rig’s is directly to the bottom,dont cast it out just drop it down to the bottom . The flasher will wash around in the current and act like a lure and double your chances to catch that big red .
Lumo glow beads light up the water down below and attracted the snapper to take your bait .
you can see pictures of the awesome flashers here
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Pre Made  snapper rigs can Take the frustration out of having too rigging up while on the water . which can minimize down time when fishing because you can just tie your rig on to the main line .There are a range of fishing rigs that are awesome for fishing for snapper the most common on eBay is the snapper snatcher which is a paternoster rig that has two circle hooks and a main line trace with flashers on both hooks.

jigs and offshore jigs for blue water and reef fishing . these jigs are great for jigging baits down deep and catch those reef species offshore or catch red snapper multi use jig with different actions you can slow pitch this jig or you can use a fast action with 80 grams of weight you can use a light rod and reel combo to jig for snapper or what ever fish your chasing . life like action with flutter spin up some fish today with these jigs at this price they wont last long that’s for sure .

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