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Snapper Fishing tackle Official YouTube Channel is Dedicated to Tying Fishing Rigs Tips & Product Reviews . Browse Our Video’s and Educated yourself  to get the most out your Boating & Pier Trips.  Our content is design to Help All fishermen Around the world.

Brand Reedy’s Rigz  Professional Tied Snapper Snatchers

Reedy’s Rigz  Snapper Snatchers for fisherman is Our Brand And Product You can Purcharse our Snapper Rigs On Ebay & is our Primary Store For Snapper Fishing Tackle  .

The Snapper Snatcher Rig – Fisho’s that have not Tried a Snapper Snatchers well then you are missing out on an excellent Fishing rig for snapper or reef fishing and also surf fishing . I have been using Snapper Snatchers rigs for the past 8 years .
Snapper Snatchers or flasher rigs as some call them , is a pre made rig made by Australian tackle company snapper Fishing tackle .The rig has two circle hooks that are tied on two paternoster dropper loops on Snapper Fishing Tackle’s tough leader with a barrel swivel for connecting to your mainline.

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collection Of Rig Tying & Fishing Tips Flasher Rigs Twin hook & General fishing advice When targeting Reds.
Snapper Fishing Tackle By Reedy’s Rigs Premade Tackle used for catching whiting Snapper mulloway & various other fish the Range Of Flasher rigs or Snatchers By Reedy’s Rigz . : How to Rig up for snapper & use the Premade rigs to catch more Reds . The viedo Look at Rigging Snelled rigs & how to get the most out of a snapper snatcher rig . Also some Video of snapper season double hook ups & some good fishing .fishing rig- snapper rigs best rigs with awesome Flasher jig With Circle Hooks
Pre-rigged in a paternoster style , the lure fly washes around in the surf and looks like a live pilchard or baitfish which presents as nice looking snack for hungry salmon,talior,snapper or mulloway .You can fish them unbaited, but i like to use the rig with a small piece of squid as it add some sent to the arrangement .