Perth Gps Marks Fishing Snapper Season Spots Offshore Winter Reds

Perth Snapper Season Winter Reds Spot

Perth Gps Marks Fishing Snapper Spots winter reds.

Description            Comments                         Latitude S   Longitude E   Datum

Snapper                Snapper. Reef bottom.            31 37        115 33
Water depth 30m.
Marty’s Spot           WA Jewfish, Crayfish.            31.39.552    115.37.709    WGS84
Water depth 17m. Reef ledge.
Cray                   Crayfish. Water depth 5.5 – 8m.  31.41.42     115.41.38     WGS84
Raised area.
Rino’s Spot            Sand Whiting, Flathead           31.43.84     115.36.31
Water depth 30m. Sand bottom.


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City Beach             Whiting. Water depth 8 – 15m.    31 49.399    115 44.271    WGS84
Sand & reef bottom.
Centaur Reef Sth       Snapper, Samson Fish, Reef Fish. 31.53.189    115.42.557    AGD66
Water depth 12m.
Penn Reels             FAD                              31.54.85     115.11.75     AGD66
Ship & Yacht Brokers   FAD                              31.54.96     115.14.91     AGD66
Trigg                  Snapper, Herring,                31.55.485    115.35.100
West Australian Jewfish.
Whiting Patch          Whiting. Sand & weed bottom.     31.55.488    115.42.344
Water depth 8 – 10m.
Zeno’s Cafe            FAD                              31.59.77     115.12.95     AGD66
Alex’s Marine          FAD                              32.01.92     115.19.99     AGD66
32.00.00     115.19.00     AGD66
O’Loughlin             FAD                              32.03.00     115.11.60     AGD66
Club Marine            FAD                              32.03.26     115.19.49     AGD66
32.03.27     115.19.65     AGD66
Freedom                FAD                              32.05.00     115.09.60     AGD66
O’Loughlin             FAD                              32.05.00     115.11.00     AGD66
Mario’s Mark                                            32 05.037    115 46.793
Mewstone               Fremantle. King George Whiting,  32 05 07     115 39 18
Herring, Dhufish. Reef bottom.
Kingie Reef                                             32.05.200    115.27.410    AGD66
Carnac                 Squid, Whiting, Tommy Rough.     32 07 208    115 40 008    WGS84
Shallow grass beds 200m off
Carnac Island.
Seawood                Fremantle. Samsonfish, Snapper,  32 08 00     115 35 15     WGS84
Dhufish. Reef drop off.
Magellan               FAD                              32.08.01     115.10.04     AGD66
32,08.05     115.10.07     AGD66
5 Fathom Mark Snapper  Snapper, Whiting, Queen Snapper, 32 08.650    115 35.460    WGS84
Samsonfish, Silver Travelly,
Dhufish. Water depth 21m.
5 Fathom Mark          Garden Isl Nth.                  32.09.946    115.36.381    AGD66
Snapper, Samson Fish, King
George Whiting.
Water depth 12m.
Harding Rock           Cockburn Sound.                  32 10.050    115 40.851    WGS84
Herring, Tailor, Snapper, Squid,
King George Whiting, Salmon,
Water depth 6 – 10m.
D9                     Snapper. Wreck. Water depth 6m.  32 11 664    115 44 516    WGS84
D9 Dozer               Snapper. Sand bottom. Water      32.11.65     115.44.57
depth 11m.
Point Peron Marker     Outer Marker                     32.15.361    115.40.936    AGD66
Orizaba Wreck                                           32.16.978    115.37.595    AGD66
Horse Shoe Reef                                         32.18.200    115.21.500    AGD66
Coventry Reef                                           32.20.155    115.38.185    AGD66
Beacon Marine          FAD                              32.59.92     115.13.07     AGD66

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Perth Fishing Snapper Fishing spots Land based

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Perth Snapper

Snapper can almost always be found in offshore reefs all year round but around June they run in larger schools around the 9 meter mark and start to move around the coral areas in fremantle not long after.

squire( pinky’s) from 2-4 kg are caught from shore in Perth, over winter North Mole is the ideal place to get your rods out and set up . But why do snapper hang around the mole and why usually only when the seas are up? food is washed on shore and Snapper are quite the scavenger and are bottom feeders. snapper school up in deeper water past the 9 meter mark but when the North West wind kicks in and the swell starts to smash into the mole island , snapper schools swoop in big schools.

 Snapper Spots Perth

They’re looking for is scrapes that get pounded by the sea and fall off the rocks. small Crabs are a nice meal for the snapper’s,

when the winds a blowing you know where going and the sea’s a rising , snapper all start moving towards North Mole and the ASI where crabs are going to be sweepted off the rocks and into the ocean .

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 Catching snapper land based

Catching these snapper is that hard. a simple, a standard running sinker to a couple of snell 5/0s or a even better is paternoster rig or snapper snatcher Bait fresh whiting is my fav. Others fishos choose a slimy mackerel and bait them up. Yellow tail and herring are also great option only a small cast is required to get into the snapper zone.


From boat , the best snapper fishing is in Cock burn Sound. Australian snapper normally school up on the edge boundaries through to Cockburn Sound waiting until the water temperature drops to the magic degrees and is suitable for spawning. We don’t want to get too technical with water temperatures but they are important and temperatures of around 15 to 18 degrees surface temp suitable for snapper to spawn. The ground that pink snapper search for is basically somewhere that gives them protection from sharks and dishes up a variety of food, They also graze along reefs or coral and pick off any bit of food they come across . Locations in the Cockburn Sound from the ever popular spots like The D9 Barge , Harding Rock and Sulfur Bay . If you’re keen to catch snapper you really need to concentrate on either fishing early morning first light or late afternoon

sunset If you’re keen to catch snapper you really need to concentrate on either fishing early morning first light or late afternoon sunset , dedicates most of his fishing time to snapper and believes the light change is a trigger for the fish to feed which explains why these sessions are more productive.

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