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ULTRA RIGS Pre-Tied with Lumo Hooks Reedy’s Rigz Snapper Rig Best Pre Tied Snapper Rigs – The Difference Between a Flasher rig and a Ultra Rig . The Materiel is different on a Flasher Rig then Ultra Rig. On the ultra-rig it Use new fibre that reflex’s light the same way a uv Squid jig […]

Snapper Fishing Images From Around Australia

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Snapper Australian Big Red Fishing Images Snapper are Australia most prized fishing.  Fishing galley Of are favorite Reds we have Caught . Fishing Snapper Big Australian Reds fishing  in parts Around  Australia. catching Quality Fishing From Melbourne Port Phillip bay to Perth in Western Australia .  Most of the Biggest reds are caught in South Australia […]