Eden  Gps Marks Snapper Reef Offshore Mark Nsw fishing spots

Eden Has many Gps marks for offshore fishing . The best Location are For kingfish is of green cape Point around to the right from two folds bay in Nsw ,your Sounder will locate Kings From around 30 to 40 meters deep and other fish Like Snapper.  The best Bait grounds is at old Mill jigging live & Slimy is Simple . Fishing Marlin you Need to Head out to The Continental  Shelf.

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Location: Eden Gps Marks Fishing Spots

King Fish
Green Cape Canyon 37.17.100 150.23.301

Green Cape Canyon 37.17.100 150.29.502

Hunter Rocks           Reef. Merimbula. Snapper.        36-56’41.2″  149-56’51.5″
Hunter Rocks           Reef. Merimbula. Snapper.        36-56’39.0″  149-57’02.5″
Pambula River Mouth    Baitgrounds.                     36-56’27.3″  149-55’30.9″

Nsw Eden Merimbula  fishing spots and gps mark

North Head Reef        Snapper, Coral Trout, Parrot     37-03’02.5″  149-56’49.6″  WGS84
Fish, Sweep, Leatherjacket.
Water depth 20 – 30m.
Boyds Tower            Snapper                          37.06.026    149.56.962
Boyds Tower 2          Snapper                          37.06.030    149.57.000
Twofold Bay            Canyon                           37.09.40     150.23.00
Twofold Bay            Canyon                           37.09.40     150.27.50
Saltwater              Eden. Yellowfin Tuna, Striped    37.11.219    150.01.990

 Eden fishing gps  spots and gps Green cape Nsw

Marlin, Snapper, Nannygai, Morwong.
Reef bottom. Water depth 32 fathoms.

Green Cape Canyon                                       37.17.100    150.23.300

Green Cape Canyon                                       37.17.100    150.29.500


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Skirted lures trolling fishing  rigs Pusher heads , reedy’s mini troll skirted lures and bullet Heads have a rounded front section of the head so the water passes  over the face of the lure  with minimal resistance. The lack of resistance means the lure head  little movement as it’s dragged through the water. which resembles a fleeing squid .These lures impart minimal action into the attached skirt. Straight runners are often weighted, which makes the lure track a bit deeper in the water. These lures work best when trolled a long way back, and work well in the shotgun position. While they don’t have the action of some of the other head shapes, they are very effective on tuna and marlin in the 230mm,  The mini squid troll 70 mm  work much the same as on salmon and other smaller  pelagic fish  .


it is a technique that is not easily mastered, especially when compared to the relatively easier technique of trolling live baits.offshore experts have begun to reveal their secrets and help anglers skip a few steps .The more miles you cover, the more fish you will catch and the more you will learn Australian fav when it comes to offshore trolling, reedy’s mini troll are now available in specialized Australian bait imitations.  lure patterns are not  found nowhere else in the world.

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Skirted lures trolling fishing rigs bullet heads

trolling fishing rigs bullet heads.

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