Gps Marks Fishing Gosford Terrigal Snapper Reefs Banks Spots

Gps Marks Gosford Terrigal fishing Hot spots on this page you can find local gps marks that may help you when fishing these gps marks are free to use and can be shared . Reefs & Depth charts. Update your Navionics Charts Video Below how to get the most from your Card.

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Location: Gosford/Terrigal

Description            Comments                         Latitude S   Longitude E   DATUM


Pinnacle   Snapper. 33°13’770 E   152°36’000E
Water depth 110 fathoms. Reef
Orimbah Creek          Tuggerah Lake. Bream.            33 17.909′   151 27.837′
Water depth 3m.
Norah Canyons                                           33.18.04     151.12.310
Roberts Spot                                            33.20.441    151.26.207    WGS84
Tuggerah Reef          Breaks with South East Swell.    33 21.650    151 32.320
Mulloway, Kingfish, Tuna,
Salmon, Tailor, Sweep, Snapper,
Mackerel & Reef Fish.
Water depth 5 – 40m (dropoff)

Norah Canyons                                           33.21.760    151.07.70
Drum Ground            Snapper, Kingfish, Teraglin.     33.22.681    151.39.428
Water depth 63m.
Crackneck              Snapper, Morwong.                33.23.790    151.32.630    WGS84
Reef. Water depth 42m.
Foggy’s Cave           Mulloway.                        33 23.790    151 32.630    WGS84
Humfreys               Toowoon Bay. Snapper, Mulloway,  33 24 090    151 29 293    WGS84
Bream, reef species.
Water depth 30 – 40m.
Reef bottom.

Texas Reef             Snapper, Morwong.                33.24.11     151.45.98
Rons Spot              Snapper, Mulloway, Bonito, Reef  33.24.160    151.30.380
species. Water depth 30m. Rock
& reef bottom.
Foggies                Mulloway. Water depth 24m.       33.24.221    151.31.596
Reef species.                    33.24.645    151.31.880    WGS84
Water depth 24m rising to 12m.
Foggy 1                Forresters Beach. Snapper,       33 24 639    151 31 878    WGS84
Mulloway. Water depth 50 – 60m.
Reef bottom.
Forresters Beach Tank  Mulloway, Snapper, Kingfish.     33.25.79     151.29.14
Water depth 30 – 37m. Gravel &
reef bottom.
Wamberal 3b            Wamberal Beach.                  33.25.887    151.30.038    WGS84
Trevally, Flathead, Snapper.
Water depth 34m. Gravel bottom.
Crackneck              Morwong, Reddies.                33 26.140    151 29.140
Leon                   Terrigal. Snapper, Trevally,     33.26.264    151.30.116
Kingfish,  Sweep. Water depth
36 – 39m. Gravle & reef bottom.
2.5N/M East            Teraglin. Drop off 37 – 40m.     33.26.500    151.30.030    WGS84
Avoca Wide             Snapper, reef species.           33 28 410    151 33 000    WGS84
Water dpeth 60m. Reef bottom.
33 30.005    151 32.020
33 30.005    151 32.030
33.30.050    151.32.300
Snapper, Morwong, Sweep.         33 33.380    151 32.120    WGS84
Terrigal Wide          Snapper, Morwong, Sweep.         33 28.523    151 32.957    WGS84
Tuna, Marlin, yellowtail         33 29.025    151 32.020    WGS84
Kingfish. Deep reef.
33 29.026    151 32.020
33 29.162    151 32.100
Reef bottom.                     33.29.162    151.32.151    WGS84
33.29.25     151.32.20
Kingfish, Morwong, Snapper.      33.22.703    151.38.745
Reef & gravel bottom. Water
depth 72m.

Redfin, Bonito, Salmon, Tailor, Bonito,
Small Tuna, Yellowtail, Mackeral, Squid and saltwater and freshwater

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Snapper Port Phillip Bay Surf Flasher fishing tackle rigs