Whiting King George Fishing Australia How to Catch Advanced Tips

Locating King George Whiting near you
Depending on where you decide to fish for KGW, you will encounter varying environmental factors which impact the quantity and size of fish you encounter. Offshore areas will yield you with very large KGW however they may be small in numbers and volume. If you decide to fish in areas near bays you will encounter large numbers of KGW and you will also be able to access smaller KGW which are great for cooking.

King George Whiting are categorized as being edge feeders which means that they like to fester around for their food primarily in areas such as drains, sand holes, and weed beds. For those that want to take a more land-based approach to their angling, you should try to locate jetties, break walks, or rock ledges to increase your odds of finding premium King George Whiting. King George whiting are specifically known for their ability to adapt and survive in offshore environments such as mud banks.
Aside from finding the right location where KGW are located, you’ll also need to make sure that you’re using the correct lure and bait combination which will attract the fish. Due to the vast number of different climates and habitats that KGW can be found in, the results as they pertain to which bait is best to catch the fish vary.

Setting up your King George Whiting Fishing Rig
Creating the optimal KGW rig before going out on the water will save you enormous amounts of time and hassle. King George Whiting love pipis which is why you should pack some on your next fishing trip. Pipis are most effective when used in the process of creating cocktail bait as their soft bodies can expose them to danger when fished on their near reefs. The location that you decide to set up in will play a large role in determining how successful you are at catching King George Whiting.

KGW near reefs tend to respond to flesh bait much more than other types of bait, you need to make sure that your flesh bait is a bloody-flesh species and has an oily body. This will maximize your opportunities to catch KGW in areas with heavy reefs. Silver trevally, Pilchards, and slimy mackerel are all recommended flesh bait types for catching King George Whiting as they have been proven to yield high results.

While this species of fish is known as a food fish, the personality traits of KGW are varying and can be tapped into depending on the method used for catching them. Deepwater whiting can be caught most effectively when using long shark hooks or circle hooks on the end of your rod.

Understanding the behaviour of King George Whiting
One interesting characteristic about King George Whiting is that they are very aggressive however you must use lures to bring out this side of whiting. Thanks to improvements in fishing equipment over the years, catching KGW in deeper waters has become easy thanks to technology such as micro jigs and slow jigs.

Using a jig to catch King George Whiting is effective at a variety of depths which is one of the reasons why many experienced anglers choose this method for catching them. The optimal water condition to catch King George Whiting in are mid-depth to deep depth as this will allow the fish to congregate near your rod and bait essentially increasing your odds of catching multiple whiting. Your water depth will also play a large part in the type of jig that should be used to catch King George Whiting, the average range jig range for whiting fishing is somewhere between 5g-80g however 20g-40g will give you the best probability.

Once you understand the key behaviours of King George Whiting, you will be able to tailor your fishing approach to yield the best results no matter what waters you may be fishing in. After you’ve gotten the behaviours down pretty good, it’s time to choose the perfect reel and rod combination to get a good handle on those whiting when pulling them out of the water.

Choosing the correct reel and rod combination for whiting
One positive aspect of catching KGW is that you don’t have to get to in-depth configuring or choosing the right rod and reel combination to catch them. Due to their versatile personality traits and behaviours, you can use your custom fishing setup to catch King George whiting in any depth of waters. An important characteristic to note about KGW is that their bites tend to be very soft and subtle, because of this you will want to make sure that you choose a reel and rod combination that is sensitive and lightweight enough for you to recognize when you’ve got a bite on the end of your line.

Graphite rods in lengths of 7”, 6”, or 8” are optimal and you should outfit it with a sensitive tip which will help aid in the process of your recognizing when a bite occurs on the end of your line. Graphite rods are great because they will allow you to gain optimal catching power whether you’re on a boat or the shore. Once you’ve set up these basic reel configurations, you should consider adding a small-sized 1,00-2,500 sized reel on the end which will boost your odds of catching King George Whiting in a variety of different waterways and locations.

As it pertains to your leader and line, you will need to configure a specific architecture if you plan on catching any whiting on your trip. For those who are using the bait fishing method, you will want a 6-15lb brain mainline and your substrate type will determine the overall strength of your chosen leader. When you’re fishing in kelp abundant or rocky terrains, you should only use a leader with a maximum weight of 25lb.

When utilizing the lure fishing method, you should use a 4-10lb. mainline braid and about 1.5m of 4-10lbs. fluorocarbon leader which will improve the resistance and strength of your line overall. You can also use a 5-8kg bait-casting rod which will work impressively for catching King George Whiting. This in combination with a 4-8kg braided or monoline and you’ve got yourself a prime setup for catching whiting in the waters of Australia.

BBait plays a critical role in the proper and effective use of fishing rigs regardless of configuration or type. One of the most commonly used and well-test bait types proven to be highly effective at catching King George Whiting is squid. Squid is used for a variety of reasons primarily because it is known to last on the end of hooks even when there are high volumes of fish feeding on the same line.

Particularly, thin pieces of fresh squid that have been cut are the prime bait selection for catching King George Whiting. Some anglers want a little more excitement when trying to bring their catch out of the water and that’s where customized bait specifically designed to catch KGW comes into play.

One of the most popular KGW specific bait rigs available is the Reedy’s Rigs Tinganoster which has been tested for efficiency in catching King George Whiting. Reedy’s Rigs Tinganoster whiting bait has been tested in the Western Port and Port Phillip for its effectiveness at luring in King George Whiting for the catch. One interesting thing to note about this bait is that it comes in a wide range of different colour combinations in addition to providing up to 10 times more luminous than other bait options.

The Tingernoster Whiting rig comes in four different configuration options including:
Bloodwork- Red and white UV Fly
● Live Prawn- Pink and white UV Fly
● Cockle/Pipi- Orange and white UV Fly
BassYabby- Yellow and white UV Fly

All of these different configurations make it easy for you to find the perfect bait to catch King George Whiting in various environments. Equipping yourself with the correct form of bait is critically important when catching any type of fish specifically King George Whiting. Reedy’s Rigs makes it easy for fishers and anglers of all experience levels to begin catching KGW in no time as long as you have enough patience and position yourself in a premium location.

Some other popular bait options for catching King George Whiting are blood worms, sandworms, whitebait, and prawns. Burley can also be used as effective bait when there are no other options available to you, one thing to keep in mind if you decide to use burley for your bait is that it will attract a lot of scavengers which will impede on your bait’s ability to reach the bottom of the waters you’re fishing in.

You want to play with your line once in the water so you can ensure that your bait is still attached. On occasion, whiting may suck your bait in accidentally, when this happens, they will likely soon after spitting it back out which is why you need to have a little bit of extra line to cast back out. Before heading out, it can be useful to check any relevant fishing reports as they will provide you with beneficial information as it relates to the best waters to cast your bait into and where the fish are primarily gathering during the current season.

Your location will play a large part in factoring the most effective fishing method for catching whiting while on your trip. Experimenting with different methods and techniques when one doesn’t work is a great way to find the best fishing technique for you as is pertains to reeling in whiting. By using a bait that was specifically designed for use with King George Whiting, you can increase the odds of you catching a nice amount of fish however you shouldn’t limit yourself.

KGW is a very adaptive species that can thrive in various environments, for maximum results, you should choose your preferred fishing method only once you’ve gotten to the area in which you’ll be fishing. This will allow you to personalize your fishing approach to the specific conditions that you’re facing which will increase the odds of your catching a large amount of KGW.

Getting out on the water
Being that King George Whiting are the largest whiting population in Australia, there are no limits on the locations or areas that you can find a nice pool of this species in. Because of their sensitive nature, you always need to make sure that you’re using a lightweight reel and rob combo so you can always stay alert on when they bite your bait of choice. As you can tell by reading through this article, King George Whiting love bait that is slimy and full of bodily fluids.

These sorts of bait are always a welcomed alternative when finding King George Whiting specific bait is just not an option for you. If you do have access to bait such as the Reedy’s Rigs Tinganoster you will be experiencing fishing nearly on autopilot thanks to the intensive amount of research and testing hours that went into maximizing the effectiveness of bait designed with whiting fishing in mind. While the location is important when fishing for any species, King George Whiting can be found in a vast array of different bodies of water and locations which gives you the ability to catch them how you desire.

Whether you’re a beginner angler or an experienced seaman who knows the ins and outs of the water, fishing for King George Whiting is a fun and engaging activity that many Australian citizens enjoy. There are a lot of different resources and guides online which will give you access to helpful tools that you can use to scout the correct areas for your fishing desires in addition to learning more about how to catch certain species of fish based on location and behavioural patterns.

We’ve covered all of the most important factors and elements that you need to consider when fishing for King George Whiting. Before heading out on the water, make sure you take all of these variables into account so you can maximize your catch once you’ve touched the water. There is no optimal time of the year or specific type of waterway where you will have the most luck with KGW, it’s all about tracking them and monitoring their activity in the area you’re in to learn the most effective way to reel them in.

Join the other Australian citizens who enjoy regularly fishing for King George Whiting all across the country. You can start fishing for KGW without having to spend a fortune on equipment or accessories, King George Whiting also makes a delicious tasting meal so you may want to consider keeping a few out of the total batch that you catch to cook up a great-tasting meal that your entire family will enjoy.

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