Port Welshpool Gps Marks Snapper Fishing Spots

Port Welshpool  Gps Marks Maps locations Snapper spots Fishing

Port Welshpool Gps Marks loactions Snapper spots Snapper Snatchers By Reedy’s Rigz On this Page Scroll Down For Port Welshpool Gps Marks And Some Tips If your Going to Be fish this Area . We Fish an Advanced Running Rig Check Below .

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Location: gps Marks Port Welshpool

Description            Comments                         Latitude S   Longitude E

Port Welshpool          Following these Nav.marks in     38.42.10     146.27.35
Lewis Channel 14        order will take you to           38.42.19     146.26.42
Lewis Channel 17        White Rock, the northernmost     38.42.28     146.26.29
Lewis Channel 15        of the Seal Island group.        38.42.43     146.26.11
Lewis Channel 13           ”              ”              38.43.02     146.25.56
Lewis Channel 11           ”              ”              38.43.13     146.25.44
Lewis Channel 09           ”              ”              38.43.31     146.25.35
Lewis Channel 07           ”              ”              38.43.52     146.25.38
Lewis Channel 05           ”              ”              38.44.07     146.25.35
Lewis Channel 03           ”              ”              38.44.28     146.25.44
Lewis Channel 01           ”              ”              38.45.01     146.26.11
Corner Inlet 06            ”              ”              38.47.29     146.28.47
Corner Inlet 04            ”              ”              38.47.59     146.30.06
Corner Inlet 02            ”              ”              38.49.06     146.31.24
Corner Inlet 05            ”              ”              38.50.28     146.33.32
Cornet Inlet 03            ”              ”              38.51.04     146.34.05
White Rock                 ”              ”              38.54.25     146.30.24
Snook, Snapper, baitfish.
Reef bottom.
Water depth 5 – 25m.
Peters Mark             Flathead. Sandy bottom. Water    38.53.903    146.46.935   WGS84
depth 28m.

Tying a Snapper  Gummy Shark rig We Fish at Port Welshpool

The Running Rig Below is Our Favourtie Snapper & gummy shark Rig We fish at Port Welshpool the Advanced Rig is Great For the Fast moving current’s , You will encounter At  Welshpool this Fishing Rig is Solid at will Fish Exellent .

Port Welshpool Fishing Map & Depth Charts Conner Inlet 

Click to Expand Fishing Map & Depth Chart Of Corner Inlet

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