Bermagui gps marks Fishing Gps Data Locations

Bermagui gps Marks Fishing Spots Locations Tuna shark Snapper Tackle

Bermagui gps Marks Fishing Spots Locations Tuna shark Snapper Tackle



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Description            Comments                         Latitude S   Longitude E

Green Patch            Albacore.                         36 14 20     150 20 00
810 Canyons                                              36-16.000    150-34.000
Broken Reef                                              36-16.146    150-16.183
Aughinish Rock         Rock formation                    36 16.4′     150 12.8′
Aughinish Rocks Sth    Rock formation                    36 17.2′     150 13.0′
Kink                   Reknown Tuna cubing area.         36.18.000    150.20.000
Tuna, Shark, Marlin, Dolphinfish. 36-18.000    150-19.000
Albacore, gamefish.               36 18 05     150 19 00
36 17.2′     150 20.1′
36 19.2′     150 19.5′
South Kink                                               36-18.048    150-19.012
Kink Nth End           Yellowfin Tuna, Pelagics.         36.18.120    150.19.450
36-17.120    150-19.450
NE Canyon (West)                                         36-17.175    150-24.450
Bermi Canyon North                                       36-17.175    150-24.150
36-17.200    150-20.600
NE Canyon (East)                                         36-17.200    150-20.600
Marlin Mark            Marlin.                           36.17.500    150.35.400
Kink Sth End                                             36-18.480    150-19.120
Mount Dromedary        Navigation point                  36 18.5′     150 01.7′
Presto                                                   36-19.475    150-21.015
Tuna YF                Yellowfin Tuna                    36.20.740    150.20.540
Bermi Canyon                                             36.20.750    150.20.450
Cemetary               30m deep – Flathead.              36.20.832    150.07.195
Flathead               Flathead. Water depth 27m.        36 21.261    150 06.651    WGS84
8.5km north Bermagui.
Tuna YF drift          Yellowfin Tuna                    36.21.710    150.18.440
Camel Rock             Flathead and Reef fish.           36.22.450    150.05.454
4 Mile Reef Centre     Tuna, Shark.                      36-24.000    150-08.400
6 Mile Reef Centre     Tuna, Shark, Marlin.              36-24.440    150-10.000
Bermi Canyon SW        Albacore, Yellowfin Tuna.         36-24.450    150-22.100
Bermi Canyon SE        Albacore, Yellowfin Tuna.         36-24.500    150-24.300
4 Mile Reef                                              36.24.573    150.08.985
36-25.016    150-09.164
6 Mile Reef NW                                           36 25.0′     150 09.8′
4 Mile Reef N                                            36-25.090    150-08.989
Bermagui Bar           Navigation point outside bar      36.25.244    150.04.442
Esprit Pinnacle        4 Mile Reef.                      36.25.32     150.08.95
Jubbs Pinnacle         4 Mile Reef.                      36.25.33     150.08.86
Bermagui Head          Navigation point off              36.25.336    150.05.411
headland/water tower.
Bermagui Harbour       Navigation point at ramp          36.25.491    150.04.380
Light at entrance to Harbour      36 25.4′     150 04.6′
6 Mile Reef NE                                           36 25.5′     150 10.5′
6 Mile Reef            Reef ground – Flathead,           36.28.295    150.08.992
Morwong, Snapper.
36-24.000    150-08.400
Bermagui Water Tank    100 fathom line east of           36 25.8′     150 18.2′
Bermagui Headland.
Navigation mark on Headland       36 25.8′     150 05.0′
100 Fathoms                                              36-25.12     150-18.24
36-25.12     150-24.42
12 Mile Reef NW                                          36 27.0′     150 14.2′
12 Mile Reef NE                                          36 27.0′     150 16.0′
6 Mile Reef SW                                           36 28.3′     150 08.3′
6 Mile Reef SE                                           36 28.3′     150 09.0′
Snapper, Flathead, Morwong.       36.28.295    150.08.992
Reef bottom.
12 Mile Reef                                             36.29.000    150.15.000
36-29.240    150-15.000
Bermagui Lobster 2     Lobster reef – Yellowtail         36.29.847    150.06.437
Kingfish, Morwong, Snapper.
3 Brothers             Navigation point – Reef fish.     36.29.904    150.05.636
Bottom fishing south of Berm.     36 28.0′     150 04.6′
12 Mile Reef W                                           36 30.0′     150 14.0′
12 Mile Reef C         Central                           36 30.0′     150 15.0′
Tuna, Shark, Marlin.              36-29.240    150-15.000
Cuttagee Lake Entrance Navigation point                  36 29.4′     150 03.2′
12 Mile Reef E                                           36 30.0′     150 16.0′
7 Mile Reef            Reef ground, 105m deep            36.30.149    150.10.160
– Flathead, Morwong.
Bermagui Lobster 1     Lobster reef.  Yellowtail         36.30.490    150.06.375
Kingfish, Morwong, Snapper.
12 Mile Reef South     Reef ground – Pelagics and        36.30.615    150.15.758
bottom fish in calm waters.
Goelen Shelter         North of Goelen Head, Good        36.32.390    150.06.058
shelter in W – Flathead.
12 Mile Reef SW                                          36 32.8′     150 14.0′
12 Mile Reef S                                           36 32.8′     150 15.0′
12 Mile Reef SE                                          36 32.8′     150 16.0′
Ross’s 1                                                 36.33.620    150.22.395
SE Bermi 1000 Fathoms                                    36-34.040    150-22.257
North Bunga                                              36-34.056    150-19.057
Entrance Yachta Patch                                    36-34.249    150-05.071
Bunga Head             Navigation point                  36 34.9′     150 03.7′
Bunga Head Shelf       100 fathom mark east Bunga Head   36 34.9′     150 17.4′
12 Mile Reef N                                           36 43.4′     149 59.6′
North Tip Canyons                                        36-44.021    150-21.015
Ross’s 3                                                 36.44.781    151.19.724
South Bunga                                              36-45.036    150-21.015
Ross’s 4                                                 36.48.570    150.20.835
Ross’s 2                                                 36.50.610    150.21.395



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Want to fish for the big Fish and don’t know much about snapper fishing & rigs? These Snapper rigs are a great starting point for fishermen. The rig is simple and it works great. The Snapper Hand-Tied Flasher rigs are a great fishing rig because you can tie the rig’s trace onto the mainline, just apply the bait to your circle hooks & within seconds you’re fishing for Snapper. The built in flashers, which doubles for a lure, is great because it adds the extra edge you may need to catch a big red. The fishing rig is designed as a paternoster rig or leger rig depending where you’re from. They are very similar to a Sabiki rig , just on a larger scale. The best way to fish using the snapper snatcher from a boat is to drop it straight down to the bottom. You do not need to cast it if you are fishing with these rigs out of a boat. With the fishing rig being vertical and the boats rocking up & down it help the flasher attract the fish to you snatcer. Alternatively, if you are fishing the rig in the surf from a beach, the flasher will also work awesome . One of the best discoveries for snapper snatchers (also called snapper catchers), was how good the flashers work in the surf. My favourite rig to target tailor or salmon would be circle hook size #4.