Circle Hook A Quick Review of Reedy’s Rigz Dominator Outlaw Series

Circle hooks are the most effective bait fishing methods for catching a range of fish species, from large saltwater gamefish to small and nimble freshwater fish.

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Here in Australia, recreational fishing has emerged as a popular hobby for the whole family – mum, dad and the kids, which is why there is a lot of interest in fishing gear and equipment such as Circle Hooks.

Fathers showing sons and daughters how to catch fish, is one Australian tradition that has been followed for generations. Indigenous Australians, as a matter of fact, have been fishing in Australian waters for thousands of years.

Australian companies such as Reedy’s Rigz have done well to capitalize on this newfound interest in fishing – one of the oldest professions in the world and now the most popular hobby in Australia.

Reedy’s Rigz have come out with a new circle hook from their popular Outlaw range of hooks, called as the Dominator Circle Hook. In this review, we tell you all you need to know about the Dominator Circle Hook Outlaw Series from Reedy’s.

Dominator Circle Hook Features

  • Chemically Sharpened
  • Made from Heat-Treated Japanese Steel
  • Forged with electroplating material imported from Japan
  • Features a Precision Hook-Point Design
  • Protected by a special Coating Process

What’s the size of these Circle hooks?

The Dominator Circle Hooks are of the size 5/0, which is about standard for versatile circle hooks in this category.

How many hooks do you get with a pack?

You will get exactly 25 Dominator Circle Hooks of size 5/0 with a pack. That should be more than enough to last a few years of recreational fishing.

What’s good about the 5/0 Dominator Circle Hooks?

There is a lot to like about this new hook line from Reedy’s Rigz. To begin with, the Dominator Circle Hooks are made from heat-treated Japanese steel, which is the strongest type of steel out there.

This makes them remarkably strong and stable. You can’t get this sort of hook stability and strength anywhere. Further, the hooks are forged with electroplating material imported from Japan.

This is so important when you are out fishing Snappers or other biggish or aggressive gamefish. Also, since the hooks are chemically treated and made with an advanced chemical polishing technology, the hook point is incredibly sharp.

In fact, the precision of the hook-point design is something you’re not going to get with any other product in this category.

What else?

We like the fact that Reedy’s Rigz is an Australian company and they sell their products only in local tackle shops across Australia – not only to help the local fishing community, but also to ensure that the money stays within Australia.

And yeah – we like the price. You can buy a pack of twenty five Dominator Circle Hooks for just $26.00. This is a very competitive price for circle hooks of this quality.

Final Thoughts

You really cannot go wrong with Dominator Circle Hooks from Reedy’s Rigz– they are pretty much the best circle hooks you’re going to get. Now, you will need a proper fishing rig to go with these hooks and there are none better than the Reedy’s Ultra Rigz.

Ultra Rigz from Reedy’s Rigz is a special pre-tied, paternoster rig made from UV fibre, which glows in the dark. The pairing of Reedy’s Ultra Rigz and the Dominator Circle Hooks from Reedy’s Rigs makes fishing easy and helps you catch many more fish than you’d imagined. Go for it!

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