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    Whiting Rig Tie A Simple Sand , king George Flathead , Bream Fishing Rigs Diagrams for Hook Tying. Make a Loop Knot & a Uni Knot to Form an Excellent But Effective Rig. In this Video I Tie a Awesome Rig. That can be used to target Fish Such as Flathead ,Bream . The Best Size Hook Are #4 , #6 Either Long Shank or Circle hooks. Best Baits are Squid Strip Baits. or Fresh Pipi , Musles . Deploy A Burley Pot Below to Attract In King George , Sand Whiting Can Be Caught From The Beach While Surf Fishing , This Rig Is Also Great For beach & Land based . its Like a Paternoster Rig .
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    Whiting Rigs Pre-Tied Paternoster fishing rig This Package includes Sinker Clip & Swivel , A Flasher Bait Attractor That is Handtied On a Paternoster Rig .The Wacker is an Awesome Choice For Bottom Fishing Feature Size #4 Circle hook On each dropper Lure up a Bream Sand Or King George , But your not limted to catching whiting the Lure rig is Effective on A range of fish The Flasher attract reassembles a Live Blood worm and Entices the fish to Bite . The Rig is simalor to a Well Know Snapper Flasher Rig But on a smaller scaller , The Leader is tied On strong 30lb to keep you hooked up in case you come accross a Larger fish such as gummy sharks small snapper , yes that right even those the rig has Size 4 Hooks we have successful landed small gummy & reds up to 6kg in size. so its a great idea to include a Flasher Rig in your tackle book i am confident your enjoy this item

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